Projet : Clinical Linguistic and French Sign Language: A Model for LSF Acquisition and Sign Language Disorders Projet IUF

There is a lack of research in psycholinguistics and clinical linguistics on LSF, both on language acquisition and language disabilities in LSF signing people. The research project proposed aims to fill this gap and to provide specific markers of language development and sign language disorders (specifically for LSF) for the clinical and scientific community. The challenge of my project is to provide empirical data with psycholinguistic paradigms, using objectifiable electrophysiological markers. In the coming years, I wish to achieve two broad objectives: i) a first fundamental objective will be to propose a model describing the various stages of the acquisition of LSF, based on multidimensional empirical data, namely behavioral and electrophysiological data; ii) the second objective, more applied, is to provide a tool for the evaluation and remediation of language in LSF.